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So the standard amount of time in which criminal records can be reported is seven years, right? Where did this come from, and why do we think we can communicate this as fact to prospective clients when there are all kinds of government agencies who do not subscribe to this “standard.” I don’t know why 7 years for criminal searches was adopted, but I can speak to the government issue. Employment screening is largely a private industry and private industry, at least in the short run, is left to itself to deal with the inconsistencies of government. Standards obviously have to be adopted or else employers would face all kinds of lawsuits over inconsistent hiring practices, so this means that people who do employment screening have to do their best to deal with the government systems. Some only have searchable records for the past 5 years. I was looking for a record from the 80’s in the Hamilton County, OH courthouse a while ago and was directed to the archives section of the courthouse. I found my way to the dungeon, located the appropriate section and saw that for year 198X there were maybe 50 records on file. Perhaps it was Cincinnati’s golden year and people at that time lived in crime-free bliss, but the pessimist in me tends to think it was just poor record-keeping. Unfortunately this happens all the time and in courthouses all over the country.

And don’t forget motor vehicle record searches. Some states, like Pennsylvania, only go back 3 years, while other states, like Massachusetts, will report every violation a person has had since the license was first issue. Does this mean that the industry has to adopt 3 years as the standard since it’s the lowest common denominator, or does it mean that if the industry adopts 5 years as the standard then employers who get motor vehicle records from Pennsylvania get a bum deal? I don’t know if there’s a standard for motor vehicle record reporting. The best attempt at communicating standards I’ve seen is a sheet that lists all of the states and their individual reporting guidelines. Not much of a standard.


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