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No pre-employment background check is without shortcomings. For example, if you commit a crime, especially if it’s misdemeanor (which, by the way, still encompasses a number of serious charges like theft, assault, trespassing, etc.), in a state or even county in which you’ve never lived, it’s very likely that a background check will not find the record. Most background checks are conducted based either on addresses listed on the applicant’s application form, or on a search through a company that collects addresses and then sells them to employment screening companies. If you haven’t lived in a certain county or state, it will likely not be searched. The most thorough background checks are done at the county level – the more focused you get, the smaller the scope of the search. Unless you commit a more serious crime, probably felony level, a search that covers a broader area probably won’t find it. Courts don’t communicate all that well with each other…yet. On top of that, many employers don’t even conduct a search beyond the county level.

My point here is not that companies shouldn’t do background checks. Just don’t do a background check and expect it to always be perfect. You won’t find out everything there is to know about your applicant. Court records systems are getting better, but they still have a long way to go.


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