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Don't Blame the Background Check

According to The Houston Star, more employers are making hiring decisions based on the individual’s credit score. A credit report is often a component of a background check, especially if the applicant will be working with finances and making financial decisions for the company.

The article is very biased in favor of “John,” someone who apparently isn’t able to get any kind of job as a result of his bad credit score. He says that he got behind on his bills and ultimately filed for bankruptcy because he had low-paying jobs to begin with, and now he can’t any more low paying jobs, much less better paying ones, because of what potential employers read on his credit report.

Does anything here strike you as being off just a bit?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t help people who are down and out, but let’s not blame the system for a person’s bad decisions. It’s possible to live on very little money if you make the right financial decisions, and if you’re a responsible worker and stick with it eventually you’ll make a little more. You probably won’t make a lot of money in the long run, but you’ll be able to survive.

Maybe John is one of a very small minority of people who had no control over the outcome of their lives, but I have to say I doubt it. There are organizations that exist to help people in his position, but he will still be required to work hard. There is hope for the future, but let’s not blame the system for holding people accountable for the poor decisions they’ve made in the past.


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