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Merging Industries - Selection and Screening

There are two sides to hiring a new employee. One is to determine if the applicant is a good fit for the company and position, and the other is to determine if there is anything in the potential employee’s background that would disqualify him or her from employment. There are all kinds of companies that offer background check services, and there are a number of companies that offer tests and screening services for potential employees. I don’t, however, know of any companies that do both sides well. The key word here is well. Some employment screening companies offer some pretty basic services to determine new employee “fit,” but they aren’t very comprehensive or involved and don’t carry many guarantees.

On the other hand, there are companies like DecotiisErhard, Inc., that develop employee selection tools geared toward measurably reducing turnover (and the high costs associate with high turnover) and increasing customer satisfaction. Doing this kind of development work requires a lot of expertise, and a background checking company would have to leave its core competency in order to do a good job covering that ground. So, why don’t companies in these two industries form partnerships? An employer might be attracted by having a system working for them that almost guarantees them good employees in both phases of the new hire process, and each company’s involvement ensures quality in both the selection process and the background check.

These industries are both developing, especially background checking, so there is still plenty of room for new ideas and new competitive advantages. Companies that offer background checks are more in demand these days than are companies that provide employee selection systems. I don’t know how lucrative it would be for these kinds of companies to partner, but it seems like it would be worth exploring.


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