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People Change

An article posted in the Green Bay Press-Gazette told the story of a Green Bay School employee who was recently arrested for violent behavior and drug abuse. The school had done a background check on him and found convictions, but they were from the early 80’s and they decided they were far enough in the past that they shouldn’t be a problem.

Unfortunately they were wrong, but it raises the question of how much past behavior should be allowed to influence present decisions. The more recent laws that require sex offenders to register when they move are along the lines of a modern day scarlet letter. I don’t imagine Hawthorne would be very happy with us.

Most state prison systems are referred to as Departments of Corrections, but why can’t we, as a society, learn to forgive? Learn to really encourage and reward moral change? Is it a case of the few spoiling it for the many, or do those of us without criminal histories enjoy being able to look down on those who have made poorer choices? Forgiveness can be a tough road for the ones doing the forgiving. I once heard someone say (if you know who, please tell me) that you can tell a lot about a nation by the way it treats its criminals. What do our practices say about us?


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