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Applicant Authorization Forms – What to Include

Almost every employer has an application form in some format or another that contains spaces for the applicant’s basic information. This usually includes name, contact information, work history, references, etc. Where applications differ is the terminology used in the section where the applicant signs her name and authorizes the release of her past information. In order to be able to retrieve all the necessary, the following types of information should be included in the text under which the applicant will sign:

• Employment
• Education
• License and certification
• Driving record
• Criminal history
• Credit history

Any other areas can be added as needed, but these are the most common ones. The text should also be reviewed by a lawyer to make sure it’s worded properly and contains any other necessary information.

Once the current, potential employer has this information it is their responsibility to ensure that the information is properly used and secured.

One additional note: Online applications are often used these days and digital signatures have growing popularity, but employers need to be aware that not all agencies, institutions and employers will release information if the authorization form has a typed, “JANE SMITH” in the signature line. They usually want to see a real signature, and in my opinion rightfully so. Can you imagine how easy it is to fake this and get access to the information in someone’s past? Just type up a form and type in the person’s name at the bottom – it’s as easy as that. Unfortunately there are agencies, institutions and employers that do accept electronic signatures and will release personal information. Regulation is needed.


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