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Consistency is Important

Difficult questions about background screening and security about in our society. What kind of background check should be done? Should a different background check be done on employees in job X versus employees in job Y? What should be process be for when we decide not to hire someone? Are there hidden loopholes that leave the door open to a lawsuit?

I don’t know about other people, but my college HR classes definitely didn’t cover all of these issues. Since background screening’s rise to popularity has taken place in probably the last 10 years (or less), there are a lot of industry professionals out there who don’t have a lot of past experience with these questions and are forging ahead blindly. Scarier still is the fact (yes, I happen to know that it’s a fact) that there are a number of companies who are making these decisions either without legal counsel or with a legal counsel who doesn’t provide good advice on these matters.

There are a couple basics to keep in mind. First, let the Fair Credit Reporting Act be the guide. It’s really not that hard to read, and there are a number of resources available to help make decisions about the fine points of its interpretation.

Second, be consistent. In this hypersensitive age of lawsuits and “personal rights,” it’s extremely important for companies to maintain consistent standards that guide them through the decisions that have to be made in the background screening process. Not doing so invites potential lawsuits from people who feel like they weren’t treated fairly during the applicant process or disqualified for a good reason.

On a side note how did we ever get so hung up on ourselves, anyway? Are privacy rights taken too far in some areas? Maybe this is a good topic for another post.


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