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Staffing Agencies and Background Checks

Staffing agencies are in a unique position when it comes to conducting background checks. They work with a variety of customers, many of which have standard policies when it comes to conducting background checks. Some customers are no doubt satisfied to know that a background check was done, regardless of its quality. Others, however, have very strict guidelines when it comes to the background check requirements of everyone employed on its behalf.

What is a staffing agency to do? There are three basic variations that can be done. One option is to tailor the background check to the standards set by the customer with which the employee with work. The advantage to this method is that the staffing agency doesn’t pay extra for unnecessary services. The disadvantages are that the employee may have to be re-checked if she is going to work for another of the staffing agency’s customers, and that the staffing agency has to deal with keeping track of the type of background check performed on each one of its employees.

Another option is for the staffing agency to conduct the same background check on all of its employees. The advantages here are that it’s very easy for the agency to keep track of the services ran on each of its employees and it’s very easy to communicate to its clients what kind of background check was ran. The main disadvantage is cost. The staffing agency would have to meet the standards of its most demanding client, which no doubt means a hefty price for the background check. Customers with lower standards may not want to pay the higher price when staffing agency B will charge less for background check expenses.

The final option is a mix of the two. The staffing agency can set a standard somewhere in middle that will satisfy the security requirements of a significant number of its customers. Employees that are then sent to customers with higher standards can have an additional background check performed – kind of like “high security clearance” in the military.

Staffing agencies do have extra challenges with it comes to background checks, but there are good options.


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